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3 ½” thick brownstone deck at Lantern Level
Advanced Gallery corrosion
Boarded up Upper Window
Close up of railing post showing advanced deformation
Corroded iron and rust jacked masonry at handrail termination
Coating Failure
Condition of interior of lantern curtain wall
Corrosion on Gallery Deck
Corrosion of Gally underside
Corrosion on railing
Failing coating on iron roof cornice
Electrical panel installed in window
Failed coatings on Lantern hatch and interior deck plates
Entry Door - Copy
Entry Door
Evidence of moisture – excessive organic growth shown at upper window opening
Failed coatings on tongue and groove paneling
Foundation at entry
Granite staircase -note missing mortar in joint
Filled in window
Grout patch over a crack in stone column
Ladder to Lantern Room – note loss of protective coating on ladder rungs.
infilled window east side lower
Interior of Lantern – note rusting condensate collector sill & peeling coatings
Missing batten bars from interior pane
Organic Growth 1
Organic Growth 2
Iron handrail anchor - Copy
Mid-height window opening infilled with masonry
Iron handrail anchor
original brownstone cap spalling and shedding coating
Previous parge – note hairline cracking & presence of green growth on wall
rust jacking cracked glass
Smoke shield showing corroding iron framing and peeling paint on noble panels
Thermometer icon
Wooden Base below Ladder – note debris from spalling whitewash and mortar
Underside of interior of lantern deck appears in good condition
Wooden Ladder Deck to Lantern – Good condition